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Category Press Release
Publish Date 4/12/2019
Author Paul Cochrane
Title Rodent Infestation at LA City Hall Causes Indoor Environmental Quality Concerns
Introduction LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify indoor allergens, asthma triggers, respiratory irritants and environmental pathogens.

Huntington Beach, CA, April 12th, 2019

A few months ago, the Los Angeles Times and NBC News published reports about a rat invasion that has building occupants concerned at the historic Los Angeles City Hall. The presence of so many rats has raised health fears for many people that work and visit the 27-story building.

According to the articles, the downtown area has recently experienced a typhus outbreak and an employee from the City Hall building is one of the unfortunate ones to become infected. The bacteria that cause typhus can be carried by fleas associated with rats and other rodents. Typhus isn’t the only concern caused by rodent infestations as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, “Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases. These diseases can be spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine or saliva, or through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent.”

Allergic reactions are another health issue people often encounter when a building is invaded by rodents. It can be caused by touching areas or breathing air contaminated with rodent allergens. Exposure could even trigger an asthma attack in some people with the condition.

“People may not always recognize a rodent infestation until the situation has become extreme,” said Michael Chapman, Laboratory Manager of LA Testing’s Huntington Beach facility. “To help identify rat and mouse allergens in offices, homes, schools, factories and other indoor locations, LA Testing offers environmental testing services for these and many other common indoor allergens. Simple tests can help to identify problems and provide building occupants who suffer from allergies and asthma the information they need to mitigate their exposure risks. These same indoor environmental tests can also be instrumental for helping to determine if these allergens and asthma triggers are still present after remediation efforts have taken place following an infestation.”

LA Testing has also sponsored a video about rodent infestations, property damage and indoor environmental concerns that can be seen at:

To learn more about this or other indoor environmental quality (IEQ), property damage, occupational, health and safety testing services, please visit, email or call (800) 755-1794. For access to the rodent allergen and other IEQ test kits, visit

About LA Testing
LA Testing is California’s leading laboratory for indoor air quality testing of asbestos, mold, lead, VOCs, formaldehyde, soot, char, ash and smoke damage, particulates and other chemicals. In addition, LA Testing offers a full range of air sampling and investigative equipment to professionals and the general public. LA Testing maintains an extensive list of accreditations including: AIHA LAP LLC., AIHA ELLAP, AIHA EMLAP and AIHA IHLAP, CDC ELITE, NVLAP, State of California, State of Hawaii Department of Health and other states. LA Testing, along with the EMSL Analytical, Inc. network, has multiple laboratories throughout California including South Pasadena, Huntington Beach, San Leandro and San Diego.

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