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California Wildfires Leave Behind Indoor Environmental Quality Issues for Countless Residents

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and test kits to identify smoke damage and soot residues to help residents recover from wildfires.

Huntington Beach, CA, November 16th, 2017 Last month, over a dozen major wildfires ravaged parts of California. Several hundred thousand acres were scorched, dozens of lives were lost, and thousands of homes and businesses were burnt to the ground. Properties directly impacted by flames will often have to be completely rebuilt, but many others nearby are still standing. Many of these properties now have environmental issues related to smoke infiltration and residues. Building materials, furnishings and personal belongings easily suffer.......[Read More] [All News]

California Coffee Roasters and Exposures to Respiratory Hazards

LA Testing provides analytical services and sampling supplies to identify airborne chemical and microbial pollutants to protect workers.

Huntington Beach, CA, November 14th, 2017 Across California there are thousands of coffee shops that cater to people’s obsession with coffee. Many of these locations also roast their own coffee beans which could in some cases expose workers to airborne chemicals that could cause health concerns over time. Just last year, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published the science blog, Coffee Workers at Risk for Lung Disease. It discussed diacetyl and a diacetyl substitute (2,3-pentanedione) which are.......[Read More] [All News]

California Residents Learn About Indoor Sewer Gas Exposure Hazards and Testing Solutions

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and monitoring instruments to identify sewer gas and other indoor pollutants.

Huntington Beach, CA, November 9th, 2017 At one time or another most people have walked into a home or building and recognized the unpleasant odors associated with sewer gas. Exposure to sewer gas is a concern due to its offensive odor, health effects associated with breathing toxic gases and potential asphyxiation concerns in extreme circumstances. In high concentrations it can also create explosion hazards and even if only present in low concentrations, could significantly impact property values. Sewer gas is a complex mixture of toxic.......[Read More] [All News]

Asbestos Removal Projects Continue for Bay Area Rapid Transit Station

LA Testing offers analytical services and sampling supplies to identify asbestos from building materials and indoor environments.

Huntington Beach, CA, November 7th, 2017 Recently, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced that the agency had directed contractors to remove asbestos from one of their most popular stations. Powell Street Station has three locations with asbestos that will be removed so that a project to install new ceiling panels and lights can progress safely. According to a news release from BART, “The material has not been a hazard while it remained undisturbed, however, since the installation of new ceiling panels and lights could cause dust.......[Read More] [All News]

Mold Contamination Forces Hundreds of Students to Move Residence Halls

LA Testing offers analytical services, sampling supplies and easy-to-use test kits to identify mold and other indoor air quality pollutants

Huntington Beach, CA, November 1st, 2017 Last month, the Daily Bruin published a report about approximately 500 students having to move from their on-campus residential hall to another building. According to the article, this was the result of multiple reports of mold in rooms and student complaints of health issues.  Exposure to elevated levels of mold can cause a wide variety of health concerns.  Mold is a known allergen and common asthma trigger for some people with the condition. It is also a frequent respiratory irritant........[Read More] [All News]

Only a Small Percentage of Lead Contaminated Yards in LA County to be Remediated

LA Testing provides environmental laboratory services to identify hazardous materials such as lead, other toxic heavy metals and industrial pollutants.

Huntington Beach, CA, October 25th, 2017 Last month, residents of Los Angeles County learned that the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has only enough funds to clean up the soil of about 25% of the homes known to have contamination issues from a now closed recycling plant. According to a recent media report from CBS, there are nearly 10,000 homes with lead and other industrial pollutants within a 1.5 mile radius of the facility that is blamed for the soil contamination. CBS News reported that the budget for the soil.......[Read More] [All News]

Protecting California Workers at Risk of Exposure to Hazardous Welding Fumes

LA Testing offers industrial hygiene testing services, sampling supplies, monitoring instruments and personal protective equipment to safeguard employees.

Huntington Beach, CA, October 24th, 2017 In California, there are a number of regulations in place that are meant to protect the health and safety of tens of thousands of welders and their coworkers from occupational exposure hazards. A number of these regulations are due to the serious health and safety concerns associated with exposure to welding fumes and gases. These respiratory hazards can be one of the most significant health concerns faced by these specialized workers. The welding process produces visible smoke that often contains.......[Read More] [All News]

California Residents Advised to Test for Lead and Asbestos before DIY Home Renovation Projects

LA Testing provides analytical services, sampling supplies and easy-to-use test kits to help identify indoor environmental quality (IEQ) exposure hazards.

Huntington Beach, CA, October 17th, 2017 California real estate is some of the most expensive property in the country. For many people that have had to stretch their budget to be able to purchase a home in this expensive market, do it yourself, or DIY projects are very common when home improvements projects take place. Home renovations can bring new life to a property and increase its value, however, in homes built up until the late 1970s there could very likely be some dangerous materials that homeowners could come into contact with........[Read More] [All News]