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FREE WEBINAR: Vermiculite Testing Options

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Webinar Asbestos Analysis of Vermiculite & Vermiculite Containing Materials

Vermiculite is a problem matrix for asbestos analysis.  Large particle size, sample heterogeneity and the presence of non-regulated amphiboles are just some of the issues associated with this material.  There are numerous analytical approaches available that try to address as many of these issues as possible.  Depending on the specific field scenario and reporting requirements, each method has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the issues surrounding vermiculite and having a basic knowledge of the analytical choices will aid viewer in method selection.  Working closely with the lab throughout the project will ensure quality results that have maximum value to the end user.         

Webinar Length: 19 minutes

Speaker Ed Cahill
Title Former Employee with EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Company EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Ed worked for EMSL for more than 20 years and brought more than 30 years of experience in Electron Microscopy and over 25 years in the Environmental Asbestos Industry. Prior to EMSL, Ed ran the Surgical Pathology Department’s TEM laboratory at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Ed was a member of the EIA, ASTM’s D22 Committee on Asbestos and E56 Committee on Nanotechnology where he assisted in authoring a method for Analysis for Nanoparticles by TEM. He is a past board member of AIHA’s AAR Program and Technical Advisory Panel in their Industrial Hygiene Program. Ed was also a past member of AIHA’s Nanotechnology workgroup and assisted in authoring an AIHA fact sheet on Nanoparticle Sampling and Analysis.
He also worked closely with the EPA through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) on design improvements to the Fluidized Bed Asbestos Segregator.

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