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FREE WEBINAR: Fire & Smoke Damage

Join Our FREE Webinar – Hosted by EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Webinar Fire & Smoke Damage Investigations & Testing Options

Topics Include:

- Description of the analytes of interest
- Best sampling strategies
- Discussion about the analytical methods
- Interpretation of the results to determine the extent of remediation

Webinar Length: 42 minutes

Speaker Eugenia Mirica, Ph.D.
Title Laboratory Manager
Company EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Eugenia Mirica, Ph.D., received her Ph.D. in Materials Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. She is currently EMSL’s Laboratory Manager of the Materials Science Division and has been with EMSL since October 2002. Dr. Mirica oversees diverse projects involving analyses for materials identification, morphological and chemical characterization of materials, product comparison, contamination control, and forensic analysis. She has also authored publications including topics related to materials testing (stain testing, Chinese drywall, particulate identification, wildfire investigations, characterization of oxide thin films).  

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