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Heat Altered Asbestos Webinar

Join Our FREE Webinar – Hosted by EMSL Analytical, Inc.
Webinar Challenges of Managing, Analyzing and Characterizing Heat Altered Asbestos
Overview Topics include:
  • Definition of Heat Altered Asbestos
  • Sampling Debris from Fires
  • Thermal Decomposition Asbestos
  • PLM vs. TEM
  • Case Study

Webinar Length: 21 minutes

Speaker Robyn Ray
Title National Special Projects Manager
Company EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Robyn Ray has worked at EMSL Analytical, Inc., for the last 21 years. In that time, she has examined a variety of different asbestos and erionite samples. During her career she has managed the analytical approaches of many highly scrutinized asbestos projects such as the New York City September 11th cleanup, Libby, Montana Superfund site and Erionite characterization of the US EPA sample from Rome, Oregon. Lately, her professional research has focused on elongate mineral particles and erionite analytical method development- including soil analysis.

Robyn is an expert in Transmission Electron Microscopy of naturally occurring asbestos, erionite and other elongate mineral particles. She is a member of ASTM D22 (Air Quality) group and the ISO Technical Advisory Group where she collaborates with other industry experts in method development. She has Bachelors of Science degree in Marine Science and currently resides in Houston, Texas.

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